Calling for Readers! :)

Hello there avid readers! 

Oh yeah, I should play modest, down-to-earth notes for this opening entry. Or should I put entreé? Nuh-uh. Not so cool though. 

This blog is going to provide you with everyday-everyman materials that you can use to learn English. It's a common thing that actually lingers around your life every single moment. I mean, who are we without technology? I'm not being mean towards the conservatives, but come on; you know how does it feels when you have to suck up your life without techie stuff. Yeah, just admit that the PCs, smart phones and stuff are like our door to the world, and yeah, internet connection is like air to us. Remove all those techie stuff, and there you are. Being mopey and suffocated of being outdated, being so yesterday. 

Well anyway, back to reality, you're gonna get yourself some English language skills-improving stuff from this very place. Just sit back, relax, and roll over your mouse and do some clicking as you gonna listen, watch, and enjoy improving your English skills. Fret not because it won't serve you nerdy pieces of technical stuff, because it is meant for everyday people like me, like you and yeah, everyone.

Enjoy digging in. GTG. Hit me back when I call you soon! See you later!


qieynah said...

gedix ah......awat loser no hang nyer first post? attention seeker gitu...kalah artis!

Cekyam Md.Iliyas said...

ekekeke. chillax sudah. asal boleh.

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