Why Do We Need English?

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Double negative & adverb
A point to ponder upon, why do we need English?
Different person might need English for different purposes, such as communication, job requirement, academic purpose or even as hobby. You and your friends might have different reasons in learning English. It is interesting to know why other people needs to learn the language.

You might want to know about the different reasons that different people have in learning English language. So, let's listen to these peoples' reason about why they need English.

In short, these are their main reasons for learning English. I have the first and last person's reason, but not the second, third and fourth. Will you help me to find out their reasons?

Person 1 - communication
Person 2 - ____________
Person 3 - ____________
Person 4 - ____________
Person 5 - profession / job requirement

Perhaps you have your own specific reason for learning English. Just leave your comments afterwards, and we can share it with other readers! I'm looking forward for your opinions and reasons, so feel free to give your feedbacks yeah! :)

Till then, see you on the flip side dear explorers!

Take Me To Your Heart. Once Again.

Michael Learns To Rock - Take Me To Your Heart

Hello everyone! 
As promised before, this will be the continuation from the previous entry.
So, for this activity, you might want to refer to the lyrics from the song, as it will test you a little bit about the vocabulary from the lyrics.

Now let's start the ball rolling! :)

1. What's the opposite of the following words?
      a) someone
     b) nothing 
     Adjectives opposite
     c) true
     d) high
     e) easy
     f)  clear
     g) old

2. Find 5 words related to weather and environment from the lyrics

3. Which word in the song means understand?

4. Which word in the song means never end?

5. Which word means too many people in one place?

6. Which expression means have no idea?

(adapted from Futonge Kisito (2007), esl-galaxy.com)

That's all for now.
Good luck with the exercise everyone!

   Do you know that there are other versions of this song in Mandarin, Hindi 
   and Korean? 
   Check out this videos!
   It's simply because language is never a boundary to a beautiful melody. :)

Will you please take me to your heart? :)

Hi everyone!
We're going to listen and enjoy to song again this time! 
But before that, do you have any favorite English song? Perhaps you can share it with me later. Just drop a few comments about your favorite English song, so that all of us can share it together!

One of my favorite English song is Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR). A little trivia about the band; MLTR is a Danish pop-soft rock band that performs songs in English. Formed in 1988, this multi-award winning has sold over 11 million records worldwide, and another 6 million or more paid downloads for their single "Take Me To Your Heart" which was awarded "Most downloaded single of the year 2006".

Pretty impressive right? 
Therefore, while enjoying the beautiful melody of this song, you may want to try the listening exercise that I put together with the music video. You just have to complete the lyrics and choose the correct word in bold.
Enjoy yourself! :)

Hiding from the ______ and slow/snow
Trying to _______ but I won't let _____
Looking at the crowded/clouded ______
Listening to my own ______ beat

So many people all round the _______
Tell me where do I find ________ like you girl

Make/Take me to your heart
Take/Make me to your sole/soul
Give me your hand/heart before I'm ____
Show me what love is haven't got a clue/crew
Show me that wonders can be through/true

They say nothing/something lasts forever
We're only here ______
Love is now or never
Bring me far away

Take me to your heart
Take me to your soul
Give me your hand and hole/hold me
Show me what love is be my guiding _____
It's easy take me to your heart

_________ on a mountain _____
Looking at the moon through/true a clear blue ____
I should/shoot go and see some friends
But they don't ready/really comprehend

Don't need to much talking/walking without saying ________
All I need is someone/no one who makes/takes me wanna think/sing

(adapted from Futonge Kisito (2007), esl-galaxy.com)

All the best everyone!
Oh yeah, before that, if you wish to download this beautiful song, just click on the link below. 

Do come and visit again okay! The following entry will be the continuation to this activity.

Till then, see you later! 

The Scorpion & The Holy Man

Hi everyone!
This time around, I would like to share a short story about a scorpion and a holy man. However, before you listen to the the story, I would like to have your attention to the scrambled sequence of events below. 

  • The holy man went to the doctor 
  • A holy man picked the scorpion
  • A scorpion needed to cross a lake
  • The doctor saved the holy man
  • The scorpion couldn't swim
  • The scorpion bit the holy man
  • Began to drown

By now, you may already have some idea about the story, and perhaps you already have the sequence in the correct order. That's awesome! Now, let's listen to the recording to find out whether or not you have the story in the correct order! And yes, let's also find out what will happen to the scorpion and the holy man!

So that's the end of the story. 
If you ask me, I must say that I adore the holy man. I hope that you enjoyed the story, and at the same time understand the moral values embedded in it.

See you in the next entries! Enjoy your day! 

Wonderful Tonight

Hello there readers!
You may want to turn on the speaker and listen carefully to this beautiful song by Eric Clapton; Wonderful Tonight.

Now press the Play button! :)

Now let's take a look at the lyrics excerpts below.  

It's lady in the evening.
She's wondering what nose to wear.
She puts on her May cup,
And washes her long blonde hair,
And then she asks me,
'Do I cook alright'?
And I say, 'Yes,
You cook wonderful tonight.'

If you ask me, I will definitely say that there's something wrong with the words in the lyrics. Perhaps you can help me to identify the incorrect words, so that we can rectify the lyrics? I bet you will. You may listen again to the song, and later on leave the correct lyrics with your comments.

And yeah, if you find that this song is interesting, and you may wan to listen to the song a few times to get the correct lyrics, you may click the link below to download it!

Yeah, you guys are wonderful tonight! :)

Calling for Readers! :)

Hello there avid readers! 

Oh yeah, I should play modest, down-to-earth notes for this opening entry. Or should I put entreé? Nuh-uh. Not so cool though. 

This blog is going to provide you with everyday-everyman materials that you can use to learn English. It's a common thing that actually lingers around your life every single moment. I mean, who are we without technology? I'm not being mean towards the conservatives, but come on; you know how does it feels when you have to suck up your life without techie stuff. Yeah, just admit that the PCs, smart phones and stuff are like our door to the world, and yeah, internet connection is like air to us. Remove all those techie stuff, and there you are. Being mopey and suffocated of being outdated, being so yesterday. 

Well anyway, back to reality, you're gonna get yourself some English language skills-improving stuff from this very place. Just sit back, relax, and roll over your mouse and do some clicking as you gonna listen, watch, and enjoy improving your English skills. Fret not because it won't serve you nerdy pieces of technical stuff, because it is meant for everyday people like me, like you and yeah, everyone.

Enjoy digging in. GTG. Hit me back when I call you soon! See you later!