Take Me To Your Heart. Once Again.

Michael Learns To Rock - Take Me To Your Heart

Hello everyone! 
As promised before, this will be the continuation from the previous entry.
So, for this activity, you might want to refer to the lyrics from the song, as it will test you a little bit about the vocabulary from the lyrics.

Now let's start the ball rolling! :)

1. What's the opposite of the following words?
      a) someone
     b) nothing 
     Adjectives opposite
     c) true
     d) high
     e) easy
     f)  clear
     g) old

2. Find 5 words related to weather and environment from the lyrics

3. Which word in the song means understand?

4. Which word in the song means never end?

5. Which word means too many people in one place?

6. Which expression means have no idea?

(adapted from Futonge Kisito (2007), esl-galaxy.com)

That's all for now.
Good luck with the exercise everyone!

   Do you know that there are other versions of this song in Mandarin, Hindi 
   and Korean? 
   Check out this videos!
   It's simply because language is never a boundary to a beautiful melody. :)


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