Why Do We Need English?

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A point to ponder upon, why do we need English?
Different person might need English for different purposes, such as communication, job requirement, academic purpose or even as hobby. You and your friends might have different reasons in learning English. It is interesting to know why other people needs to learn the language.

You might want to know about the different reasons that different people have in learning English language. So, let's listen to these peoples' reason about why they need English.

In short, these are their main reasons for learning English. I have the first and last person's reason, but not the second, third and fourth. Will you help me to find out their reasons?

Person 1 - communication
Person 2 - ____________
Person 3 - ____________
Person 4 - ____________
Person 5 - profession / job requirement

Perhaps you have your own specific reason for learning English. Just leave your comments afterwards, and we can share it with other readers! I'm looking forward for your opinions and reasons, so feel free to give your feedbacks yeah! :)

Till then, see you on the flip side dear explorers!


NiKiHs@RuN said...

i need english bcoz i like 2 watch english movies teacher;)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

cek yam update blog.

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