The Scorpion & The Holy Man

Hi everyone!
This time around, I would like to share a short story about a scorpion and a holy man. However, before you listen to the the story, I would like to have your attention to the scrambled sequence of events below. 

  • The holy man went to the doctor 
  • A holy man picked the scorpion
  • A scorpion needed to cross a lake
  • The doctor saved the holy man
  • The scorpion couldn't swim
  • The scorpion bit the holy man
  • Began to drown

By now, you may already have some idea about the story, and perhaps you already have the sequence in the correct order. That's awesome! Now, let's listen to the recording to find out whether or not you have the story in the correct order! And yes, let's also find out what will happen to the scorpion and the holy man!

So that's the end of the story. 
If you ask me, I must say that I adore the holy man. I hope that you enjoyed the story, and at the same time understand the moral values embedded in it.

See you in the next entries! Enjoy your day! 


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